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Hand Tool Pliers for Tile Leveling System

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Tile Leveling Pliers

Raimondi floor pliers for tile leveling systems

  • Angled pliers specially designed to be used in floor tiling projects;
  • Made out of resilient steel, the tension of the pliers is adjustable;
  • It promotes an improved adhesion of the tiles, by pushing them down instead of lifting them;
  • Installing tiles will become a faster and easier task;
  • A highly cost-effective tile leveling system;

If you're looking to obtain accurate results during a tiling project, you need to make sure every tile is perfectly leveled when set. In many cases, this can be very hard to achieve, especially when working with large-sized tiles, due to the existence of irregularities in the floor's level.

Thus, even if the tiles look level when they are installed, as soon as the adhesive dries out, they start showing a range of imperfections. More precisely, the installed tiles failed to provide a smooth and flat surface, featuring level differences that are unaesthetic and undesired.

Fortunately, such unwanted outcomes can be prevented with the help of the leveling spacers from Raimondi. These devices will not just obtain and maintain perfectly leveled tiles, but will also save time throughout the entire tiling process, shortening the execution time frame. In other words, by employing an R-L-S system, which is newly released, a smooth surface will become an easy-to-achieve goal.

Tiles should have thicknesses ranging between 1/8" and 1/2". Also, the minimum joint required for optimum results should be of 3/32".

It is worth mentioning that the installment and removal of the leveling spacers are easy and convenient.

How to use the leveling spacers

Setting the support:

  1. Begin by spreading the adhesive. Then take the support and insert it underneath the tiles, going along all four sides.

  • Based on the size of the tiles, you may need one or several supports to cover all the sides of the tile.

  • Position the tile on top of the adhesive and then tap on it gently with a rubber mallet, ensuring a proper fixing.

Inserting the wedge:

  1. Take the wedge and carefully insert it in the support's slot. Pay attention not to go over the breaking point.

  • At this stage, it is recommended to utilize pliers with adjustable traction, as it makes the task easier and faster.

Removing the support:

After the tile adhesive dried out completely, the visible part of the support has to be removed. This can be achieved only if you separate this part from the base caught underneath the tiles. Thus, with the help of a mallet, pliers, or even your feet, hit the support until it breaks loose. When hitting, go parallel with the resulted joints, for a smoother operation.

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